Subject firebird corruption and wireless internet connection
Author robert_p_levy

The system that I am troubleshooting corruption for consists of Delphi
applications using IBObjects on multiple machines interacting with an
remote Firebird server through tcp/ip over a wireless connection. We
seem to have corruption fairly frequently and our working theory is that
occasionally a firebird transaction will be interrupted midstream by a
lapse of the wireless connection. Are we correct to assume this at
least could cause corruption?

So based on that theory, we decided one way to solve the problem is to
do the updates locally and then at some point all at once in a single
transaction using a script, make the changes post to the server. This
would minimize the chances of posting during a blip in service.

We are currently using the TIB_DSQL object and each DML operation is a
new transaction. But if instead we used that to write to a local
database and then later on let the program use a TIB_SCRIPT object to
make all the same updates to the the db on the server it would be a
single transaction. But could we potentially roll back a messed up
transaction if we caught an exception that the tcp/ip connection fell

Does anyone know if it is supposed to be possible to roll back a
transaction that was unnaturally interrupted?

Thanks in advance,

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