Subject Re: [IBO] No permission to read/select COLUMN ENTERED
Author Lester Caine
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ra8009 wrote:

> I'm connecting to Firebird 1.5.2. There is no column called "COLUMN
> ENTERED". The actual message is "No permission for read/select access
> to COLUMN ENTERED" The error number is 335544352.
And no 'COLUMN' called 'ENTERED' either?

> The SQL Error message is: "The user does not have privledge to perform
> this operation on this object".

> The SQL statement that I'm using is: SELECT * FROM REGISTRATION_INFO.
> When I write this statement into IB Admin, the table appears with no
> problem.
So are you using the same user name to log into your application and
What happens if you put the full list of field names in ( always
preferred anyway ) then if there is no ENTERED field you can at least
drop fields until the fault goes away ( if still present ;) )

>>>I'm trying to open a cursor on a newly created table, but get the
>>>message: "No permission to read/select COLUMN ENTERED" when I call
>>>"Open" on my TIB_Cursor. What could be causing this?
>>Tell us more. Does the set have a column named "COLUMN ENTERED"? Is
>>it being requested via a join/subqyuery/view? Which db engine?

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