Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery master detail inserts with different key field names
Author Hans
Fieldnames between Master and Detail don't have to be the same using
I can send you an example, if you wish :)

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Subject: Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery master detail inserts with different key field

> At 04:56 PM 27/12/2006, you wrote:
>>How can I get automatic (or programmatic) completion of the foreign
>>key field when inserting a detail row if the field name is different
>>to the master key field name?
>>I've been fiddling with the datasource property of the query but I
>>think it only works if the field names are the same.
> Yes, that is true of TIBOQuery, being a limitation of the TDataset
> heritage, which doesn't support explicit masterlinking. So you need
> Plan B. :-)
>>I'm finding this impossible to figure out. Any sample code would be
>>very helpful.
> The trick is to use a parameterised statement for the detail set's
> SQL property, e.g.
> select id, blah1, blah2, FK_ID from aDetail
> where FK_ID = :FK_ID
> And code the relationship during the OnAfterScroll of the master set:
> with aDetailSet do begin
> ParamByName('FK_ID').Value := Dataset.FieldByName('PK_ID').Value;
> Refresh;
> end;
> For inserts, you *shouldn't* need to assign (I rarely use TIBO-- and
> and almost never for master-detail relationships...but...) but, if
> you find that you do, then a simple BeforePost chunk similar to the
> above will achieve it:
> with Dataset do begin
> FieldByName('FK_ID').Value := aMasterSet.FieldByName('PK_ID').Value;
> end;
> Notice also that the friendly master-detail stuff isn't available so,
> if you are inserting both master and detail records in the same task,
> you will, unfortunately, need to ensure that you post any inserted
> master record before attempting to insert the first detail rows for it.
> Helen
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