Subject Re: [IBO] Long Qry : Index out of bound error Pls Hlp
Author Markus Ostenried
On 12/22/06, niegil thomas <niegil_firebirddev@...> wrote:
> I am doing a conversion project . From paradox to firebird . We use IBO .
> I have a old Batch Move Source Query which is has a length more that 1500 chars.
> My prb is that when i try to post this query using ibo query component ,
> i get a error List Index out of bounds 75 .
> I also tried tried splitting up the query and added the queries using
> IBO.SQL.Add.
> This too returned error . Pls can any one tell me a way out of this .
> (It should be noted that thequery was running fine in backend ) .
> I tried it with flame robin.

Can you please give some more information?
- version of Firebird
- development environment: Delphi version, C++Builder version, etc
- version of IBObjects
- what component you are using: TIB_Query, TIBOQuery, etc.
- maybe a call stack of when the error shows up
- the complete SQL you are trying to add