Subject Re: [IBO] TIBO - Inverted master detail?
Author Dany M
mitch_landor wrote:
> I have a grid with rows that represent hundreds of detail items,
> related to various master records.
> When I double click on a row, an editing form opens in which I want to
> show the detail row's fields and also the master row's fields.
> I also want to be able to use this form to add, edit & delete both the
> detail items and master items.
> What would be the best way to do this?
> When I click on the detail row I could I suppose get the detail ID &
> master ID and then open a standard master-detail form. But the detail
> is the focus of this form and there is a large amount of data and I
> want to show only one detail record at a time.
> Perhaps the other way is to make a joined query (this is what I am
> currently trying). But how can I make both the detail & master fields
> editable in this case?
> Many thanks for your assistance.

Why don't you just link whatever (non-grid) controls in the new (I
suppose modal) form to the *same* datasets in the original form and
provide sufficient navigation, insert, delete and post/save buttons
attached to the master and the detail respectively? To clarify - I don't
think the editing form would have to have any datasource components. I
think there are samples that opens forms that "walk together" with the
original forms but I'm not sure.