Subject RE: [IBO] Firebird Backup and Restore
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:53 PM 21/12/2006, Alan McDonald wrote:

>then don't you think the error message is rather meaningful?
>when you install FB it asks if you want to use legacy client (or similar
>IBO will test if fbclient is there, if not, it will look for gds32.dll so it
>will work fine with gds32.dll, but IBOAdmin seems to want gds32.dll only. So
>rename your fbclient.dll file to gds32.dll and see it that works

Unfotunately renaming it is not enough, to get the Admin components
to work in the Delphi IDE without exceptions. You actually need to
generate the compatible client by running instclient.exe from the
command window. There is help for this program in Firebird's doc
directory. Seems now would be a really good time for you (Niegil) to
get into some of the documentation. Start with what's shipped with
Firebird; and follow up the links in the Quick Start Guide.

And - yes - this admonition *is* off-topic for the IBO list. I plead guilty.