Subject Re: Firebird Backup and Restore
Author niegil_firebirddev
Hi Allan ,

This with reference to the former mail. Thanks for your reply I feel
we have just lost track of our discussion ..

Pls note that

1) Presently GDS32.DLL is not there in the system folder path . We
use FBClient as the client dll and we haven't renamed it to gds32.dll.

2) Is it so that IBOAdim's backup service work only if gds32.dll is
present !!!!!

3) Our assuption is that Firebird does not need a gds32.dll . It uses
its own FBClient .

4) We also tried copying the gds32.dll to the system folder WIN98 .
We also tried copying it to the database path. If these paths are
wrong were should it exactly be kept?

5)if IBO Admin requires gds32.dll copying this file to the system
folder will it cause a probs with further realeases for firebird?

6) Pls note that we are using
1) Delphi 5
2) Firebird 2.0
3) IB Objects 4.0
4) IBOAdmin for D5 25 Jul 2004 Release

Thanks and Regards
Niegil Thomas