Subject IB_DateTimePicker, IB_JPEGImage .. need some first aid?
Author Adrian Wreyford
Hi Jason

When working on a yearplanner for a new software release, I
inadvertently used IB_DateTimePicker, instead of IB_Date.

When trying to insert a record, with a date field accessed by
IB_DateTimePicker, I get an error that the specific date field is a
required field, even though I have entered a date for the date field. I
have ShowCheckbox := False;

Then suddenly I remembered having a similar problem many years ago, so I
did a search on IB_DateTimePicker on the list.

In 2003 July James reports the same error.

Paul Vinkenoog eventually replies after many tries by others with the
following solution:

"There is indeed a bug in IB_DateTimePicker that manifests itself when
the dataset is in dssInsert state, i.e. when you are working on a
newly inserted record. Here's a workaround:

- create an OnChange handler for the IB_DateTimePicker with this body:

if ( MyDataset->State == dssInsert )
((TIB_DateTimePicker *) Sender)->Checked = true;

If you use Delphi, I think it's:

if MyDataset.State = dssInsert
then (Sender as TIB_DateTimePicker).Checked := true;

Note: You can still set ShowCheckbox to whatever you prefer.

Maybe I'll try and fix this bug if I have a little time left this

Paul Vinkenoog"

We are almost entering 2007.
It still hasn't been fixed!

I've paid many US$ for upgrades over the years, and will continue to do
so as this is a great product.
But perhaps this one should be included in your list of bugs to fix
before your next stable release.

I would like your opinion on this one, as this is a component I prefer
to the Ib_Date, due to the looks, more than anything else.

I'm sure this is the same situation as IB_JpegImage, not a TRUE J
Wharton component, thus not vigorously supported, but I feel that it is
on your component list, thus they remain components that should be
supported or REMOVED!

Thanks :-)

Adrian Wreyford

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