Subject RE: [IBO] Transactions
Author Jason Wharton
> I manually start every transaction by doing this:
> if (not (DMEksp.trEksp.InTransAction)) then
> DMEksp.trEksp.StartTransAction;
> Do a little or a lot.
> if ((DMEksp.trEksp.InTransaction)) then
> DMEksp.trEksp.Commit;
> Isn't that the right way to handle transactions ?

This is a correct usage of the code. InTransaction and StartTransaction are
paired together in explicit transaction control.

However, I think things are a bit loose and undefined by having it
start/commit based on a potentially undetermined InTransaction state.

The nature of your application may require this, but in my mind your
application should have things nailed down to where it is well defined and
an exception results if it isn't as it is defined to be.

Jason Wharton