Subject Transactions
Author Isildo Mendes
I'm using the BDE compatible components.
I use an explicit transaction for my connection.
I start this transaction when the user press the
Insert, Edit or Delete button in the navigator
and I close the transaction when the user press
the buttons Post (Commit) or Cancel (Rollback) or
when he closes the form and the transaction is still open.

The problem is that the user can open a form and he
starts a transaction without close it and the form
remains open to. Then he opens another form. With the
InTransaction method I can see if there is a transaction open.
If it is I don't call the StartTransaction method. But if
the user closes the transaction in the second form, the
transaction in the first form it's closed too. If the user
in the first form adds several records but he didn't commit
the changes, and in the second form he makes a rollback, he
loses the changes in the first form too.

How can I solve this?

It's possible to start more than one explicit transaction?

What should I use? Implicited or explicited transactions?

What's the use for explicites transaction component?


Isildo Mendes


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