Subject Locate problem in latest beta
Author Jason Wharton
Carlos Cantu also ran into the problem of the Locate() not working in some
situations. What I found was the cause, thanks to his sample app, is he has
an alias name for his column in the query and he used the column alias name
in the KeyLinks property to reference it.

The problem comes from how IBO puts together the SQL statement that the
Locate() method puts together in order to perform the Locate() on the
server. It parses together a SQL statement using the alias name for the
column instead of the actual name for the column. Hence, it does not
recognize that column.

The quick fix is to change the KeyLinks to have the table alias with a
period and then the actual name of the column for that table rather than the
alias. Making this change had his test app working immediately.

I don't believe there will be any other problems from using the actual name
of the column instead of the alias for the column, but that is what I am in
the process of making sure of.

Also, I hope to make IBO able to tolerate using the alias of a column in the
KeyLinks property.