Subject How to work on IB Connections DropDatabase Command
Author niegil_firebirddev

I have a application which uses fb as its backend and Delphi as front
end . I use IBObjects for connection to the FDB. My applicatation is
structured in such a way that it can work for mulitiple companies.
The is like this

I have to create two companies A.LTD and B.LTD . The application will
create two folders A and B . Now we have a template folder which has
the Template.FDB. We will copy Template.FDB to each companies folder
and put it ther with the same name .

Now the problem that facing is that , our application has a delete
company function . I have to delete the company .

Eg : Say If i have to delete Folder A , i realesed all the
IB_connection to A\Templae.FDB . I checked with connected usersd
number too . It also returns 0 . For safety purpose i used
forcedisconnect too . Now i tried to delete company , i get the error
acess denied.

I tried to use IBO connection DropDatabase . I set the Database
name the tried to run dropdatabase . So i got the error that connection
not established.

When i put connected:=True i get the message Table is in use.

Can anyone tell me how to use IBConnection.DropDatabse. If possible
with a example.

Thanks in advance

Niegil Thomas