Subject Re: Converting tables structure from Dbf to FB
Author tomjanczkadao
> the clevercomponents data pump provides for ADO/BDE connections and will
> pump data as well as creating database structure.
> You'll still need to apply some common sense to the outcome, DBF
files do
> not have primary keys or foregin keys or constraints etc and you
will still
> need to create generators etc etc.
> Alan

Creating tables with standalone application InterBase DataPump works
OK but when i try to use Delphi Demo project it fails:

=== Generated by: Interbase DataPump v 3.4
=== Start Pumping: 2006-12-11 10:25:54
=== Source Database: Trob
Select Option - select * from "A Table"
Option "Quote Field Names" is ON
=== Destination Database: C:\TEST.GDB
SQLDialect: 3
WI-V6.3.3.4870 Firebird 1.5
=== Switch Off all Ref. Constraints with loop
=== Alter triggers
=== Switch On all Ref. Constraints with loop
=== Alter triggers
=== Update Generators
> Data Committed.
=== All Fine!
=== Error: Can not find a single selected table with field relations!
! Warning: Go to "Step 2: Order" page and setup relations first.
=== Errors: 1
! Warnings: Your "Select Option" and "Quote Filed Names" are
probably incorrect.
Please go to "Step 1: Databases" set the proper values and try again.
=== Total Source Records Processed: 0
=== Finish Pumping:2006-12-11 10:25:54

Does function "IBPumpExec(PChar(AProfile), PChar(ASourceFile),
PChar(ADestFile), ShowProgress)" create tables? (in app i have to
generate script and run it from e.g. IBExpert