Subject Re: [IBO] DateTime field in ib_query
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:17 PM 11/12/2006, you wrote:
>I am having a massive problem trying to get date time fields to
>display correctly in an ib_query linked to a grid.
>for some reason it ALWAYS shows the date-time in this format which
>seems weird?
>6:49a Mon-Dec-06 06:49:38
>There is no day !
>If I set NODATE in the query display - it shows the time correctly (
>but not the milliseconds ? )
>but if I set NOTIME it still shows a datetime in the format
>6:49a Mon Dec-06
>( but once again - no DAY?) - but it shouldn't even be
>showing a date?
>Can anyone please help with the strange behaviour - its slowing me
>right down and quite frankly - driving me nuts.
>I have tried it with an Ib_cursor - an iboQuery, and an iboTable and
>each time its the same.
>The date time shows perfectly in IBExpert - I did think it was because
>I was joining a date and a time from an old paradox table to get a
>datetime in firebird ( 1.53) but I have even tried storing "now" in
>Delphi to the field and still the behaviour is the same?
>I am using 4.6A ibobjects - Win XP ( fully up to date) and Delphi 2006
>with FB 1.53

What it *looks like* is either a bad time format setting at some
level: in your Windows setup, or an overriding format mask in Delphi
itself, or even possibly in your dataset or connection
settings. Have you closely checked all of these?