Subject Re: 4.7 Beta3 in the Trustware repository
Author kljungqvist

I haven't had the time to test the newer betaversions yet but I
would like to know if this issue with master-detail and cached
updates is still outstanding or if it is fixed in the upcoming final


--- In, "Jason Wharton" <supportlist@...>
> I have put another release out that has more improvements to the
parser and
> a fix to the lookup combo, though there is still a problem with it
I'll have
> to address in the next beta.
> All the major stuff is now finished so once all the remaining
little flies
> are swatted we will have a rock solid release on our hands.
> On of the recent problems outstanding is when using cached updates
> master detail. Yes, you can do it with IBO, but here's the
problem I didn't
> take care of. If you insert a record into the master and then you
go to the
> detail and insert some records against it and then go back and
delete the
> inserted master record the records in the detail dataset become
> Well, because of using cached updates, they are still in the
cached update
> buffers and will be submitted to the server as inserts, even
though there
> isn't a master record inserted.
> Regards,
> Jason