Subject 4.7 Beta3 in the Trustware repository
Author Jason Wharton
I have put another release out that has more improvements to the parser and
a fix to the lookup combo, though there is still a problem with it I'll have
to address in the next beta.

All the major stuff is now finished so once all the remaining little flies
are swatted we will have a rock solid release on our hands.

On of the recent problems outstanding is when using cached updates with
master detail. Yes, you can do it with IBO, but here's the problem I didn't
take care of. If you insert a record into the master and then you go to the
detail and insert some records against it and then go back and delete the
inserted master record the records in the detail dataset become orphaned.
Well, because of using cached updates, they are still in the cached update
buffers and will be submitted to the server as inserts, even though there
isn't a master record inserted.