Subject RE: [IBO] IBOAdmin documentation
Author Roger Vellacott
We gave up on using IBOAdmin, because it doesn't work with Classic, and
it is yet another thing to generate compatibility problems as Firebird
and IBO go through new versions. Instead we copy gbak.exe to the user's
program folder on the workstation and call this with appropriate
parameters from dialogs within the app. We've had no trouble since.

Roger Vellacott
Passfield Data Systems Ltd

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Sent: 04 December 2006 22:56
Subject: [IBO] IBOAdmin documentation

I need to let my users do backups and restores from the application.
I've downloaded IBOAdmin, which seems like it ought to be able to do
what I want, and I've managed to successfully compile and install it.

Is there any documentation anywhere on how to use it? Examples of its

Michael D. Spence
Mockingbird Data Systems, Inc.