Subject Re: [IBO] IBO 46 in BDS 2006 CBuilder personality (BCB2006)
Author tom_l_hatfield
--- In, "Gary Benade" <gary@...> wrote:
> > Does anyone know if there are compiler directives that can be
put in the
> > sources that the compiler will respect when producing the HPP
files so
> > that
> > these manual adjustments are not necessary? I am working on
getting the
> > next sub-release of IBO out and I would like to get it to work
> > CBuilder
> > 2006.
> >
> > Jason Wharton
> There was an update to that post you may have missed. Here it is
> Leave all source code as is, and change
> {$IFDEF VER180} // Delphi v2006
> {$DEFINE IBO_VCL2006_OR_GREATER} // Delphi v2005 or greater
> {$DEFINE IBO_VCL2005_OR_GREATER} // Delphi v2005 or greater
> {$DEFINE IBO_CPPB} // <<-- Add this line
> {$ENDIF}
> {$ENDIF}
> Change to Delphi Win32 personality
> Open IBO40_D2006.bdsgroup
> for each and every bpl in the group, select Options->Linker-
>Generate all
> c++Builder files
> Compile all and install Design components.
> Switch to CBuilder personality and components should still be
> Finished testing in both personalities and everything is working.
> Gary

I've just purchased the most recent version and I'm still getting
this problem, despite the fact the the you now get
has this fix in. Whether I try a manual install from the full source
code, or use the automatic installer, I still get lots of

"[C++ Error] IB_Components.hpp(3596): E2347 Parameter mismatch in
read access specifier of property SQLSelect" errors.

I've tried editing the source of IB_Components.hpp, as mentioned in
the earlier (temporary) solution, but I then run into trouble later

Any ideas?


Tom Hatfield.