Subject Date Corruption
Author Steve Harp
Hi All,

I have an Delphi 5 application running against Firebird v1.5.2 and
using IBO v4. I'm writing a process to archive old orders to a 2nd
Firebird database. I'm creating a target database with a TIB_Script
and then using 2 TIB_Connection components to connect to the source
and target databases. I'm then using T_IBQuery objects to copy the
data across. Everything is peachy and runs with no errors. However,
after the copy is completed, I see corrupted date fields in my target
orders table. Several dates will show in IbExpert as 12/30/1899. The
dates are correct in the source databaes but the two queries
(connected to the 2 different TIB_Connection objects show this.

Source Target
Order_Date = 12/30/1899 - OrderDate = 12/30/1899
Ship_Date = 09/26/2001 - ShipDate = 09/26/2001
Invoice_Date = 09/26/2001 - InvoiceDate = 09/26/2001

What could I be doing wrong?