Subject Confirmation Dialogs for UpdateBar
Author Markus Ostenried
Hi all,

from a customer I have received the feature request to add
confirmation dialogs for the various UpdateBar buttons. Now I'm
unsure about how to implement this.

I know that the ConfirmDeletePrompt property belongs to the DataSet.
But I'm looking for a general solution that will apply to all my
UpdateBars and leave those DataSets unchanged that have no bar assigned.

I have one method that sets default values for various control
classes. There I could assign the same event handler to every
UpdateBar's BeforeAction event and call "Abort" when the user cancels
the action.

But personally I would favor to write a new control deriving from
TIB_UpdateBar and there overriding some method to show the
confirmation dialog. What would be the best method for this?

I'm using IBO 4.5B with D2005.