Subject Re: [IBO] Connect Windows XP Clients to Windows 2003 Server
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:42 AM 25/09/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>"What are the Server and Path properties set to in your ib_connection?"
>My IBO Connection "server" property is blank, but in the path I'm using:
>Do I need to fill in the server name or will the name referenced in
>the path suffice?

Put the server name in the Server property, viz. MyServerName.

Put the path (local to the server) in the Path property, viz.

Select cpNetBeui for the protocol you are using here (named pipes) or,
better still, select cpTCP_IP (it's less noisy than named pipes).

And note that the Windows "native" protocol is named pipes, not Windows
file-sharing. If you put a file-share or a mapped drive in the path,
Firebird won't recognise it. Filesharing is not an option. As for the
host name, the Windows TCP/IP service automatically uses the host's netBeui
node name as the TCP/IP hostname.

>Regarding GDS32.DLL and fbClient.DLL you said " You wouldn't be using
>both of them."
>I'm using unmodified IBO components. Should I physically remove
>fbclient from the machines - both client and server?

No need. Without modification, IBO doesn't know it from diddly-squit.

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