Subject Re: [IBO] 2-Posting a new record in a Dataset linked to a TIB_Grid
Author Woody
From: "Roberto Freitas" <solanofreitas@...>
> Hi, Helen
> I will try to remake question from the begining, but adding some new
> informations !-).
> I am using a TIB_Grid linked to a TIB_DataSource and a TIB_Query.
> I have this code at IB_QueryContaAfterInsert event:
> with IB_QueryConta do
> begin
> ...
> FieldByName('cct_ciireg').AsString := Gl_ciireg_f;
> ...
> end;
> Im this case, Gl_ciireg_f = '10010001'
> For a new record, the user types values for other fields on the
> TIB_Grid. Field cct_ciireg is not visible on the grid, so user cannot
> change it.
> I checked that the code above actually executes.
> I watched FieldByName('cct_ciireg').AsString in 2 different places:
> at end of IB_QueryContaAfterInsert event and
> at end of IB_QueryContaBeforePost event
> In both places, the value is correct = '10010001'
> Although, when posting record, I got this ISC Error Message:
> ISC ERROR CODE: 335544347
> validation error for column CCT_CIIREG, value "***null***"
> If FieldByName('cct_ciireg').AsString = '10010001' just before post
> record (IB_QueryContaBeforePost event), how can I get this error?

Are you filling in the Insert, Update, Delete SQL properties yourself or are
you letting the IB_Query do it for you at run-time? It looks to me like the
field may not be part of the insert query so it is therefore being seen as
NULL on the server.

> P.S.: I am sorry, I know it's my fault, but I dont't understand what
> it means:
> "I suggested rewriting your handler so that it refers to the
> IB_Dataset argument of the handler method. I still suggest that."

Object methods all have a Sender parameter which is the object executing the
method. For BeforeInsert and AfterInsert methods, the Dataset object that is
passed is what you should use in the statements, not the actual component
name IB_QueryConta.


Woody (TMW)