Subject RE: [IBO] DMLCache problems
Author Helen Borrie

Hmmm. This seems like some kind of weird game. The thread you referred
to, where you said your problem with DMLCaching was described, appears to
be about something entirely different, i.e. how to make the demo apps work
in the C++ Builder IDE. I see that I responded to that; and Lester posted
some modified source to solve that problem, I understand.

Today you have posted a demo app including an executable that won't run
anywhere except on your machine, because it uses your runtime libraries and
is compiled with hard paths to locations on your computer.

I see in the DFM that you still have PessimisticLocking set true, even
though Lester explained at some point that PL and DMLCaching couldn't be
used together (unless one understands well how triggers work and is very
careful about writing them to avoid firing them when you put your datasets
into a writeable state!!) You can read up the TI sheet on DMLCaching to
work out why PL would interfere with the triggers that DMLCaching uses.

Another thing I see in the DFM is that you have hard-coded at least two
totally different DatabaseName properties in your test app. In IBO you
should avoid that property and use TIB_Connection's Server, Path and
Protocol properties; and, for transactions and statement objects, link
them to the IB_Connection via the IB_Connection property.

And NOWHERE do I find a description of any problem relating to DMLCaching,
though I'm sure that the settings in your test app WOULD mess up DMLCaching.

So - if that's all the info available, then I doubt there's anything Jason
or I could do with it. How about describing *the problem* ? I'm happy to
try and help, as long as you can put a frame around what you need....