Subject Re: [IBO] Understanding the tutorial project3
Author petesouthwest
lol excellent! I took several hours of digging to work out that I
needed to put something in the orderinglinks properties. But your way
is MUCH better :):)

Thank you :)

I also found that I could right click and choose 'load ordering
defaults' which did it all for me :)

How do you find these kinds of things?


--- In, Florian Hector <FHector@w...> wrote:
> > Sorry for asking what is probably a dead simple problem.
> >
> Most likely.
> Have you set up your dataset for different ordering criteria?
> If not, double click on the database object, click on Ordering,
click on Create, select the columns
> you want the dataset to be ordered by and click OK. The rest will be
don by IBO.
> Now when you click on a column header, the dataset will be reordered.
> There's more to it but this will get you going.
> Florian