Subject Understanding the tutorial project3
Author petesouthwest

I was looking at the tutorial project3 to see if I could understand
how the TIB_searchbar works and how I can get the grid to allow me
to sort by clicking on a column heading. Beats me :( The only thing
i can see happening is that it seems to use a script component as
the datasource. But I cant find any explanation of how that works.
The help file lists the properties and methods which is fine but i
can see them by looking at the component.

I have a ib_query, ib_datasource, ib_searchbar and ib_grid and have
set up my database using seperate dbms. When I use my datasource as
the datasource for the searchbar and grid, the 'order' option doesnt
have any fields listed and clicking on the grid headings doesnt have
any effect.

Sorry for asking what is probably a dead simple problem.

Thanks for the help