Subject RefinedSQL and assigning problem
Author Steve Fields
Hi all,

I am trying to execute the statement(s):
(TIB_Query's, IB 4.5B, D5 Ent)

SecMasterQuery.SQL.Text := MasterQuery.RefinedSQL;
SecDetailQuery.SQL.Text := DetailQuery.RefinedSQL;

but right after assigning this value the My_Query
SQL text does not show any change. Could there be
any settings that would prevent setting this text?

I am trying to work a basic invoice type system where
there is one master and many detail records. After
selecting one master record and linking the details,
using masterlink/mastersource, I then also try to filter
out some of the detail records using a TIB_SearchPanel and
the resulting RefinedSQL text.
After performing the filtering I then carry the master's
SQL statement over to a second pair of TIB_Query components
linked in the same way as the main two.
After I carry the DetailQuery's SQL over, though, it refuses
to make any changes to the second SQL statement, SecDetailQuery.
Any ideas?

Steve Fields