Subject Re: [IBO] OldParameterOrdering query not allowing OAT to advance
Author jimbehr3446
> Try to provide more information about what your transaction is doing.
That's the funny thing. We don't have to actually use the
connection/transaction/query to see this problem. The
connection/transaction/query are designed on a Delphi datamodule.
When the program is started, the datamodule is instantiated. We never
get to the part of the program that uses the query. We simply start
the program and then exit. But, I think when the connection is
created the internal IBO logic to test the parameter ordering is
executed. And I believe this is where the transaction problem is

> Could you please answer *all* of the following questions:
> 1) Are you using TIB_Query or TIBOQuery?

> 2) Please provide EXACTLY which versions of each piece you are using:
> a. Delphi - which version, edition and upgrade level. Get this from
> Help|About box in the IDE.
Version 7.0 (Build 8.1)

> b. IBO - read the Version string from the IB_Connection in the Object
> Inspector.
4.3Aa and 4.5.B (we see the problem with either version)

> c. Database server: Brand (Firebird/IB) and build number
FB 1.0.3 or FB 1.5.3 (we see the problem with either version)

> d. If any Fb 1.5 build, the setting in firebird.conf for
We've made no changes to this file: "#OldParameterOrdering = 0"

> e. Client library: Brand (Firebird/IB) and build number
FB (FB 1.0.3) or FB (FB 1.5.3)