Subject Re: [IBO] FB 1.0 to 1.5 and OldParameterOrdering
Author jimbehr3446
It appears from Jason's messages and from the IBO source code that IBO
attempts to dymamically determine the parameter ordering. If this is
so, and is working properly then shouldn't I be able to set the
OldParameterOrdering to 1 on the server and have all versions of my
program work correctly?

I recognize that this would not be the preferred method since any
non-IBO programs may have problems with the non-standard ordering. I
looked through our old source code and don't see any instance where we
use IBO to get more than 1 parameter back from an "Execute Procedure".
So does that mean we don't even need to worry about the parameter
ordering and can just use FB 1.5 with OldParameterOrdering commented out?