Subject Re: IBO Dataset & FastReport 3.16 - Access violation error
Author Marco Menardi
--- In, Metin Gönen <mgonen@p...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using IBO 4.5Ai Delphi 6 ent. and FastReport 3.16
> I open Fast Report in design mode
> then from menu I click > Report > data then
> when I select a report dataset ( Previously I prapared a frxibodataset)
> an Access Violation error occurs. After this error it is impossible
to work
> with FR3
> I 've asked several times to FR support team, but they are saying
that there
> were no such
> problem like this while they are trying to select a IBODataset.
> Has anyone encountered a problem like this ?
> Regards.
> Metin Gonen

I've Delphi 6 pro, IBO 4.5.Ai, Fr 3.16_5, Win2000sp4, and I've not
that error. I did not had it with "stable" 3.16" also.
I could suggest you:
a) remove FR3 complitely. After uninstall, search for the frx
"garbage" that you can find around (also in c:\winnt...) and remove
b) download a "unstable" FR3.16.x version, install, and recompile the
IBO specific packages (no more need of modifications, the package
missing "_D6" has been fixed)
c) I compile my program with all the code linked (no delphi or fr
runtime). Try this also, in the case it could make any difference
d) if you are using a converted report from 2.x, try with a brand new
one instead. I had some mysterious problems with some converted
reports that disappeared when I rebuild them from scratch
Hope this helps
Marco Menardi