Subject IBOQuery - TDataSource - Problem with VPN-Connection
Author ronald_greven

we have a big problem. (IBObjects - Version 4.2.Ie)

We use a TIBOQuery, a TIBOTransaction, a TIBODatabase and a
TDataSource Component in our project.

It works perfectly in a local network. The problem appears, if we use
this constellation with a vpn-connection.
(The TIB_Query works perfectly in both constallations, but we
have to use the TIBOQuery/TDatasource, because of compatibility to a
third party component.
So obviously it has to be a problem with the TIBOQuery/TDatasource
constallation (in the prepare-routine))

We assigned each event-handler of the TIBOQuery.
It breaks up at 'before prepare'. Nothing more happens..
the application 'hangs up'.

What can we do? What could it be?

Is this problem maybe known, and maybe removed in a newer version?

by the way.. which is the newest version of the IB_Objects?

Many thanks for all...

Best wishes