Subject Re: [IBO] Possible BDE/DBase -> FB 1.5/IBO Migration (Noob Questions Inside)
Author raholland3414231
Thanks for the detailed reply Helen. That's just what I needed. I
actually found some example code you uploaded here that showed a SP to
update/delete/ or insert and was able to get what I needed to work

I think it's safe to say that the way our application accomplished
certain things will need to be changed.

One thing that has me stuck. I'm performing a left outter join (Being
that I may or may not have a match in the detail dataset, or right
side) to pull in location information concerning a shipping facility.

pickup.shipperid to shipper.shipperid is my left join

The old way was to use a dblookupcombo from infopower to lookup the id
and write that plus the location information into the pickup table.
The developer who designed this did not fully understand "normalized"
datasets and took the easier route.

In changing this I'm just storing the shipperid to join on and pulling
in the location information. This breaks things because embedding the
DBLookupCombo in the grid like it used to be creates an issue where
the combo is trying to link itself to the joined data.

My solution, have the user select their shipper somewhere else
(probably a good idea to make a form that pops up to edit this

Am I right or is there a way to overcome this?

On a side note I had bought Jason's getting started help file last
year (this project was delayed) and I'm currently reading it, several
of the firebird lists, and the IB6 references brain is

Thanks again, Richard