Subject Re: Permissions
Author Rick Roen
> I assume you have requestlive set to true.
> This is how I do it. When the logon occurs (valid), I test for
> depending on role I run thru all the queries which should not have
> rights and clear all the SQL (where I have written my own) and set
> live to false where I depend on IBO to do it. (as you realise)
> The trouble you are getting is IBO tries to prepare all the
statements even
> before trying anything other than the select.
> Alan

Thanks Alan,

I guess I have done something like your suggestion.

I wrote an SP to query the RDB$PRIVILEGE in the RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES
system table after the user logs in. If there is no "I"nsert
privilege, then I clear the InsertSQL property, and so on for delete
and edit.

I tried setting RequestLive to true when the user does not have
privileges, but once the update/insert/delete SQL's are cleared,
this does not seem to matter. Am I missing something?