Subject RE: [IBO] Permissions
Author Alan McDonald
> D7
> IBO 4.5B
> This is the first occasion I've had the need to write a program that
> limits access based on users rights - it a time clock program that
> includes administrative functions for adding employees etc.
> Here is a very simple senario that will show my problem:
> TIB_Connection with a TIB_Query/TIB_DataSource/TIB_Grid
> I log into the TIB_Connection when I open the program and open the
> Query which contains SQL to show four employees. The TIB_Query
> contains an Update/Edit/Delete statment.
> Everything is ok when I log is as someone with Admin rights. When I
> log in as a user without Update/Write rights, I get an errorcode of
> 335544352 "no permission for update/write".
> I trap this error in the OnError event of the TIB_Connection.
> So I set the TIB_Query component to be READONLY since there was no
> ability to update the Employee table from this form anyway, but I
> still get the same error, AND it seems to be repeated for each column
> and row of the table.
> If I take out the Update/Edit/Delete statements, then I have no
> problem opening the table.
> I know this error is closely tied to Firebird, however I wondered if
> there was any way around it in IBO. Otherwise I guess the best thing
> to do is just see if the user has update rights before opening the
> table. Is there some way to query the DB about rights, or do I just
> try to open and adjust if there is a failure?
> Thanks for any advise,
> Rick

I assume you have requestlive set to true.
This is how I do it. When the logon occurs (valid), I test for role.
depending on role I run thru all the queries which should not have editing
rights and clear all the SQL (where I have written my own) and set request
live to false where I depend on IBO to do it. (as you realise)
The trouble you are getting is IBO tries to prepare all the statements even
before trying anything other than the select.