Subject What's a connection for?
Author jeffplata
Alas, after reading so much about transactions and the like, I am
still wondering when do I need to use the TIB_Connection component.
Looking at samples, I see that sometimes there is a connection
component sometimes not. Forgive my ignorance, which specific item in
the help file, online faq or any other resource I need to look into to
once and for all enlighten myself in this regard? One specific
question: If an ib_transaction is present, and an ib_connection is
present which has its defaulttransaction set to the ib_transaction,
and I have ib_queries with ib_connection property set to
ib_connection, ib_transaction property nil, what happens to their
transaction? Will one be created for each query or use the
defaulttransaction of the ib_connection?