Subject [IBO] Re: Searching by range
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
--- In, Geoff Worboys wrote:
> It already has this with the TIB_Connection.OnProcessSearchBuffer
> event - I have some code which overrides in quite a flexible way
> (that may even allow developer customisation to some extent.
> Jason, if you are interested I can send it to you.

Does this mean that this is where we ourselves may transform

FRA <fromvalue> TIL <tovalue>
BETWEEN <fromvalue> AND <tovalue>

if we wanted to let users use strange foreign languages and still let
IBO handle the rest (like knowing which field to access)?

What if we wanted the same functionality to work different on
different datasets, e.g. allow for searching one date field as
yyyy and another as mm/dd/yyyy (admittedly, I doubt many people would
use this, and certainly not me)? Is there any similar event that we
can hook into just before IBO starts to process the search criteria
for the IB_Cursor or IB_Query?

I don't think extending the searching syntax IBO itself understands is
of much value, but a method for "preparsing" the search criteria
before IBO does its magic would be nice (from what you write, it seems
like it may already exist).