Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Searching by range
Author Geoff Worboys
> Like this?
> BETWEEN 12-000 AND 12-999
> to
> 12-000 - 12-999 (or 12-000 .. 12-999)
> How about
> "12-000" - "12-999"

That could work, but I am not sure I like needing the spaces in
the ' - ' delimiting, but if both were available I think it
may work quite well.

> Yes, IN( ) is not much to type. But for the sake of intuitiveness
> and user-friendliness (and saving a few keystokes) I'd vote for
> the plain comma separated list.
> Example:
> IN(apples,oranges,bananas')
> To
> apples,oranges,bananas

Commas are such a pain because some locales use them for
decimal separators.

How about:


rather than commas (only use commas when using IN(...))
The reason being that locales that use ',' as a decimal
separator can just document the '|' delimiter and not worry
about the difference between ',' and '.' for numbers.

> ********
> What I have in mind, when I suggested about this is to have an
> alternative way of expressing the BETWEEN and IN criteria,
> without scraping what is already in place. I'm sure there's no
> problem about the present implementation with many users
> specially those are accustomed to c/s and sql. But, IMHO, it
> would be nice if there is alternative, easier and more
> intuitive way of expressing the criteria.

> So, could it be possible that IBO support two ways of defining
> search criteria?

It already has this with the TIB_Connection.OnProcessSearchBuffer
event - I have some code which overrides in quite a flexible way
(that may even allow developer customisation to some extent.
Jason, if you are interested I can send it to you.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing