Subject Re: [IBO] Cannot open file
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:36 PM 16/08/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>I have been converting a bde-application to IBO, using IBO's Tdataset
>compatible methods.
>Everything is working as expected on our own computers, but when trying
>the IBO-application at customers we get "cannot open file". This
>happens when the program tries to connect to the database
>The databasename is set to a valid name of the form:
><server>:<path on server> (the exact same as the original BDE-alias was
>set up to).
>There are no further error-messages just "Cannot open file". I have
>tried various situations but cannot replicate this error-message at
>Any ideas ?

Did you uninstall the BDE at the customer site? If not, check to ensure
that you 1) cleared the Aliasname property on the TIBODatabase; and
2) cleared out any Params entries

Also, though DatabaseName is there for compatibility, it's recommended to
lose that as well and use the Server, Path and Protocol properties of the
TIBODatabase in preference; and to use the IB_Connection and
IB_Transaction properties on your queries, rather than DatabaseName. This
way you can cleanly avoid any undetected legacy behaviour where a rogue BDE
dataset tried to make its own connection to the database.

Check the server log to see what might have been happening on the network.

There might be more to this, too, depending on which database server you
are using....