Subject DML Caching - Syncing multiple applications
Author Shaq
In the documentation it states the following:
Scope(3)(sync multiple application instances) requires some additional
work in the database and a means to explicitly identify each user on
each connection.

The documention also states the following:
Your user management system must make provision for each user to be
recognized distinctly. In the Survey sample, we use the system users
database but you could easily adapt the structures and triggers to
accomodate any custom user management that is built into your database.

I am not clear on how to implement my own user management for DML
Caching. My application logs into Firebird with the same account for
each instance. The user has his own unique username/password which I
handle myself.

I didn't see where the user names are being handled. There are no
properties for the TIB_SyncCursor component. How does the
TIB_SyncCursor know who to send the the events to? How would I handle
DML Caching with my own users instead of the connecting user which is
the example in the survey application?