Subject RE: [IBO] IBO Internet problems
Author Jason Wharton
My apologies to all who were unable to access the source access/storefront
site. When I first heard this happened my brother drove no more than 15
minutes worth and had the server up in less than another 5 minutes.

I so rarely get any extended vacations and I so rarely have equipment
failure it seems a little too poetic that these two rare occurrences would
happen simultaneously.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] IBO Internet problems
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> Hello all,
> As some of you have already noticed, our community site and source
> repository have been offline for several days. Something must have
> happened to the server at Jason's house whilst the family is away on
> vacation, as I can't access it remotely by any means. Sadly,
> this means
> that registered and Trustware subscribers can't reach their
> download areas
> and nobody can purchase subscriptions and renewals until
> Jason returns home
> and restarts the server.
> As though this were not enough of a problem, we also have a transient
> problem with the main website, which runs
> off a hosted
> web server. We have run out of disk space there, which means I
> can't update
> the website (to inform you about the problems with the other
> servers!) and
> I can't upload any special kits to there for people with
> urgent requirements.
> The second situation may right itself overnight if/when the
> hosting service
> does its housekeeping, as I deleted quite a few large photos
> from the site
> - notably baby pics and photos from various events. However,
> because the
> ftp server won't allow me to upload/update anything - including page
> updates -- the home page and the events page now look like a dog's
> dinner. Apologies for this eyesore!
> Downloads from the "Downloads" page still work OK. Anyone
> with any urgent
> requirements, please contact me (respond@...). If
> necessary, I
> can upload materials to the site to help
> out with an
> emergency.
> All should settle down next week when Mr Wharton is back in
> residence. :-)
> Helen