Subject IBO Internet problems
Author Helen Borrie
Hello all,

As some of you have already noticed, our community site and source
repository have been offline for several days. Something must have
happened to the server at Jason's house whilst the family is away on
vacation, as I can't access it remotely by any means. Sadly, this means
that registered and Trustware susbscribers can't reach their download areas
and nobody can purchase subscriptions and renewals until Jason returns home
and restarts the server.

As though this were not enough of a problem, we also have a transient
problem with the main website, which runs off a hosted
webserver. We have run out of diskspace there, which means I can't update
the website (to inform you about the problems with the other servers!) and
I can't upload any special kits to there for people with urgent requirements.

The second situation may right itself overnight if/when the hosting service
does its housekeeping, as I deleted quite a few large photos from the site
- notably baby pics and photos from various events. However, because the
ftp server won't allow me to upload/update anything - including page
updates -- the home page and the events page now look like a dog's
dinner. Apologies for this eyesore!

Downloads from the "Downloads" page still work OK. Anyone with any urgent
requirements, please contact me (respond@...). If necessary, I
can upload materials to the site to help out with an

All should settle down next week when Mr Wharton is back in residence. :-)