Subject 2 views - R/W access conflict
Author Tony Masefield
Hi All,

I have two views on a table, call them View1 and View2. Both views
are on a single table and represented on a single form. The views
are more or less mutually exclussive.
View2 is 'linked' to View1 by View2's dataset property and also via
its SQL select statement (referenece_ID = :View1.reference_ID - the
PK for the table).
When logged on as SYSDBA everything works OK, The View2 fields are
thus synchronised (via a TDBNavigator - connected to View1's
TDatasource) to View1. Both views are 'updatable' through to the
common table.
However, logged on as a 'User1' with grant permissions (R/W) to
View1 (and not View2), IBO (Tdataset version) raises an exception -
no Insert/R/W permissions on the View2 fields.
The idea was to use a single table and form for 2 users. Neither
having R/W access to the other's data fields. At the same time, the
fields need to synchronise (as they are the same record) between
User1 and User2.
I would assume that linking the views in this way generates a
conflict between R/W permissions on the different fields
(those 'accessible' by User1 or User2) - I assume that 'linking' the
views in this wat is somewhat akin to a Master/Detail relationship
wher one would assume that a user having R/W permission on the
master would have the same permissions on the detail table.

Any ides for a 'work-around'?