Subject RE: [IBO] KeyLinks Property, etc
Author Lee
> It sounds as if you have a joined or union set here. You
> won't get this exception unless the set contains multiple
> rows with identical KeyLinks. The XxxxxSQL properties
> (custom or generated) must be able to form DML statements
> that target exactly one row in one table.
> How about providing the exact SQL of your set for examination?
> Helen

Hi Helen!

OK, actually it wasn't a union query, just one table. What I didn't realize
is that KeyLinks refers to a primary key? Duh! I was thinking that it
could use ANY unique value in the table (such as a regular unique index).
This particular table did not have a PK on it. I created one, set the
keylinks property to it and it works fine.

I guess what mixed me up was that with IBX on this same table, it worked
with only a unique index, not PK.

Thanks for responding!