Subject Re: [IBO] Problems with Keylinks
Author Tony Masefield
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 04:30 PM 25/07/2005 +0000, you wrote:
> >Off to re-read the IBO "Getting Started" manual for the third
time - or
> >at least this time should say 'study'!
> >The one thing I find about this manual though is that it appears
> >TIB 'centric' and the similarities between say TIBO and TIB query
> >not well documented. It is only when one starts using the TIBO
> >that the similarities are more apparent.
> The trick is to recognise that the TIBO-- components are meant to
> like their TDataset ancestors - with some extra behaviour wrapped
in from
> the native IBO (TIB_--) InternalDataset. The GSG addresses things
that are
> DIFFERENT about the IBO layer, not things that are the same; and
> doesn't try to replace the IBO help file.
> The help file, like Delphi, is hierarchical. It is built with
> (with add-ins done in Help&Manual) - both Delphi applications
> themselves. Two tools that can help a lot when tracking the
> behaviours built into the TIBO classes are 1) the "Hierarchy"
button on
> each main class page and 2) the graphical browser for the help
file, which
> is on the Downloads page.
> Helen

Just to say once again Helen, "Thanks for the enlightenment".
At this point IBO TDataSet is working fine and I'm starting to
(slowly) get the hang of things.
My original conjecture was that IBO would form an 'absolute' link
between Pascal and the clinet server architecture IRO the change
from desktop to CS - which it doesn't, one still needs a fair
grounding in SQL. Guess I'm getting lazy in my old age!

Regards and thanks again,