Subject Re: [IBO] Problems with Keylinks
Author Tony Masefield
If TV not work check:
1) Plug in
2) Power on.
Sage advice from the Japanese.
Perhaps the English would be: "If you can't get it to work then read
the manual again".
But then again, some things you don't find in manuals or are
just 'hidden' in the text requiring some divination. That's where
advice from the experts are invaluable.
Thanks Helen and Lester. The 'trick' is exactly as Helen maintained:
1) Remove the reference to the PK in the update sequel.
2) Define one's own keylinks when using a view.
Voila, TIBO Query works without complaint.

Off to re-read the IBO "Getting Started" manual for the third time - or
at least this time should say 'study'!
The one thing I find about this manual though is that it appears more
TIB 'centric' and the similarities between say TIBO and TIB query are
not well documented. It is only when one starts using the TIBO strain
that the similarities are more apparent.