Subject Re: [IBO] Is there some solid IBObject support for Kylix planned in the close near future ?
Author Hans
Sounds to me not a well supported pltaform for just some webbased
applications, like i mentioned before, PHP and a few servers maybe better
platform, linux and windows, Darn some 100+ folks developing on PHP,
evrything else on an impasse :)

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Is there some solid IBObject support for Kylix planned in
the close near future ?

> At 11:57 PM 22/07/2005 -0600, you wrote:
>>Is there some solid IBObject support for Kylix planned in the close near
>>future ? If so when ?
> It depends on what you mean by "solid". The current data access beta
> works fine. You can write Kylix 2 or 3 apps with IBO-Kylix
> connectivity. You can connect the TIBO-- components to the CLX
> TDatasource
> and write GUI apps within the same limitations as any Kylix data-aware
> GUI. You can work with the TIB_-- (native IBO) components with a
> non-data-aware interface. That's the position with Beta 005, which is
> built on IBO v.4.2Hc.
> We have had the pieces of a Beta 006 around for several months now,
> bringing IBO-K up to date with IBO 4.3Ab. Included there are some native
> IBO controls, converted by Andrew Haines, that work, to some extent. They
> will never be "just like IBO" because of the limitations of the underlying
> controls mechanism (X, Qt and GTK) as compared to the Windows common
> controls and the Win API that underlie the Windows controls.
> For example, a TIB_Grid like the Windows one is probably out of reach;
> and
> that affects other controls like TIB_LookupCombo...
> The Linux version issues don't appear to be as big a deal at the moment
> for
> ObjectPascal and Lester suggests they are for BuilderX. There is a wide
> gulf between the version 8.~ distros of the main (Borland-supported)
> distros and the versions 9.~ and above distros with respect to C++. I
> believe that is a source of major headaches with later Linux distros. I
> have K3 Delphi installed and running on Mandrake 10.1, with the
> backward-compatibility packages for the glibc runtimes. The Kylix 3 IDE
> runs in its own (old) version of the Wine server and accesses its own
> (old)
> version of Qt 3. I haven't *so far* encountered any problems that are
> obviously related to
> The release of our Beta 006 is hung up, currently, waiting for an
> architectural restructuring of the code tree to bring it into line with
> 4.3 and above. If you are familiar with the IBO sources, you'll be aware
> that Jason did this major restructure at IBO 4.3.
> Decisions have to be made about the synchronisation of the two code trees,
> in the light of issues like the differences between the underlying
> architectures of the CLX and the VCL. It will not be a big deal to keep
> the non-visual classes in sync with IBO: we can continue to do this with
> includes, as we do now. Trying to sync CLX visual classes with the VCL
> classes is much more problemmatical.
> I have made some recommendations to Jason on these issues. However,
> understandably, IBO-K hasn't been high on his priority list since Borland
> admitted that they have abandoned development of Kylix for an unspecified
> forseeable future. They deny that Kylix is a dead product but they can't
> say when or if development will ever resume.
> Helen
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