Subject Re: [IBO] ServerAutoCommit issue
Author Steve Harp
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 11:26 PM 23/07/2005 +0000, you wrote:
> >Hi All,
> >
> >I'm using a TIB_Transaction component in my data module. The
> >ServerAutoCommit property is set to False in the object inspector.
> >I've grepped my code and the property isn't being changed anywhere.
> >
> >However, when I call the StartTransaction method, I get an error
> >"Explicit trans. not allowed with ServerAutoCommit". I have to
> >manually set the ServerAutoCommit to False right before calling the
> >StartTransaction to avoid the error.
> >
> >What would cause this property to be set to True?
> It shouldn't. Open your DFM in text mode and search for
> and see what that turns up...
> I'd also want to double-check that you haven't accidentally inserted
an IBX
> IBTransaction (or some other TIB-- object) into your application
> somewhere...IBO's components all begin with either "TIBO" or "TIB_"
> the underscore).
Hi Helen,

There's nothing in the DFM.

object conMon: TIB_Connection
DatabaseName = 'Monarch'
Params.Strings = (
'USER NAME=monguy')
OnError = conMonError
Left = 24
Top = 8
object trnMon: TIB_Transaction
IB_Connection = conMon
Isolation = tiConcurrency
Left = 72
Top = 8

And I don't have any IBX components being used. I never use them.