Subject Refresh / Buffer HowTo ?
Author Frank
I have a TIB_Query where I edit and append records.
Additionaly there is a TIBO_Query with the same SQL set
to provide a QuickReport form with data.

After finish append/editing the user click on a button causing
to add a filter to TIBO_Query and show a new form where the user
see the QuickReport Preview.

Unfortunately I can't see any updates in the QR-Preview -
they occur only after restart of the app.

Seems that the TIBO_Query does not update/reread it's buffers
after changing the filters - or the TIB_Query does not write
the changes in time before I set the filter ...

So I guess I still have a problem about how to refresh/reread

Could please be somebody so kind to give me some general
guideline of this kind of problem ?

I tried around experementing with Post/Commit/Refresh/FetchAll etc.
but except of the FetchAll and ExecSQL command I did not find
out how to re-read data to the buffer without a significant
performance loss ...

Any ideas/comments welcome !