Subject Error in the Help File?
Author Harry Halloween

I'm new to IBObjects and downloaded this two files:
and installed it.

Then i readed the IB_Objects_4_5.HLP File and under
IB Objects Reference
+-Installing IBO 4
+-Evaluation Kits
you can read the following:
When you take the evaluation kit from the Downloads page of the IBO website,
you need to take TWO files:

IBO4.ZIP contains almost a complete installation of IB Objects version 4,
including much of the component source code, package sources for all
versions, demos and samples, code and other goodies contributed by IBO
community members.

Additionally, select one ZIP of DCUs for your version of Delphi which,
together with, will give you a complete installation of IBO without
time limits. These DCU packs are named

where 'n' is a number (3, 4, 5, 6) representing the Delphi version.

For example, the DCU pack for Delphi 5 is named

Do a fresh unzip of the IBO4 sources into your IBO root directory. Unzip
the relevant zipped DCU pack into the same directory.

If you set up your output paths differently, so that DCU files are output to
a different location than the .pas files, then you should unzip the DCU pack
into that location.

The following installation instructions apply to both evaluation and full
source kits.

If you are installing for Delphi 3, please go here.
It seems to me that this information is no longer valid in version 4.5?
Because i can't find a way to download the i would need.

Someone should fix this wrong information then.


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