Subject DML Caching and TIBO* components
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hi all,

has anybody already tried to get DML caching working with TIBO*
components using the InternalDataset property?

I'm writing (at least this is what I'm trying to do *g*) a wrapper
component which expose the necessary DML caching properties for a
TIBODataset descendant using the InternalDataset property.

Pretty straightforward, except that I'm having problems with processing
a received DML cache item in the TIB_Statement.ProcessLinkEvent method,
because the whole thing depends on the TIB_Statement.StatementLinkCount
property which is 0 case of using a TIBOQuery.

TIB_Statement.StatementLinkCount is >0 when using a TIB_Query and
TIB_Datasource for instance.

Any hints are much appreciated.