Subject TIWDBAdvWebGrid, IBObjects and IWDBNavigator
Author nols_smit

I'm trying to switch over from the IBX to IBObjects.

Because I'm not sure whether my problem is in the using of of
IBObjects or the TIWDBAdvWebGrid of TMSSoftware. Perhaps someone
with experience on both sides may assist me.

On the window, I have a IWDBNavigator and a TIWDBAdvWebGrid.

The DataSource of the TIWDBAdvWebGrid and IWDBNavigator points to a
IBOQuery component.

When I click in the Insert button of IWDBNavigator, I get a error
message from the IBOQuery component stating: Record not found.

When I delete the TIWDBAdvWebGrid or use a IBDataSet component, I
don't get the error message.

Any suggestions?


Nols Smit